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1clickAway makes it easier to connect to people and things that matter in your personal and professional life. It is your one stop destination for all of your lifestyle services. We help You hire local professionals to get things that matter in your life. Download the app and start hiring trusted people

Push Notifications

Be it a government or a corporate job, the problem is all of these jobs are not organised at one place. So we've tried to solve this problem by organising these jobs at a single place with a pack of add-on features that'll help you stay updated with the latest job opening.

Hire Experts

We always want the best man at the job to give our work an expert touch. we usually tend hire the best expert as per our knowledge and expert reviews. So we've tried to assemble experts from your state at one place with their skillset so that you can choose the best fit.

Latest Offers

We often miss out the offers from our nearest fashion, food and other lifestyle stores that are present in our city and state, so we've tried to organise all of these services at one place so to save your time searching at different places.

Get Hired

This feature goes out to all those experts in their feild who want to get hired or who are not satsfied with their current job. You can modify your profile visibility to companies or public and we will notify you everytime you profile gets viewed in our app.

Grow Business

Keeping in view that the state has a great number of professionals who run their own stores or companies. Doesn't matter how big or small your business is , here is your chance to reach out to more potential customers that too absolutely free.

Free of Charge

The applicaiton is absolutely free of cost and we would love to serve you as a guest, an expert , or as a business professional. The mission of this application is just to help you through any means. and that's why we say "its made for you".

How it Works?

Sign-up Guest Profile

Step 1

Just after you have downloaded the application from the playstore, all you need to do is register your mobile number, You can skip the verification part if otp is not recieved immidiately.

Step 2

You can get all the information even without verifying your number but we highly suggest that you verify your number so that you can enjoy all of the cool features of the application.

How It Works?

Sign-up Expert Profile

Step 1

After you have successfully verified you mobile phone number, now all you need to do is to to click on profile contained in the navigation drawer and select "I WANT TO WORK".

Step 2

After registering your profile on 1clickaway, your profile is made visibile to the scope you have mentioned in your profile. You get notifications on profile views.

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How it Works?

Sign-up The Business Profile

Step 1

Having successfully verified your mobile phone number, now all you need to do is to to click on profile contained in the navigation drawer and select "PROMOTE MY BUSINESS".

Step 2

After you have finished creating your business profile, you should see a new button at the homescreen with a plus sign. All you need to do is click on it and start promoting your business.

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Choose from a wide range of services and call the expert directly without any intervention. Its recommended that you also register your special account (Business, Expert) but it’s not mandatory. We would be happy to serve you as a guest as well.

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